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The Ooeuf App

The Ooeuf App

My app looks different. Did you change it?

We recently made some changes to the Ooeuf app you know and love to give it a new look and feel! This design update was made to give you a better digital experience! Now you can access all the great features the Ooeuf App has to offer from the new homepage and “Discover” section of the app, where you can find all of the new and exciting things going on at Ooeuf!.



What are all these new tiles on the homepage?

We have added the new tiles on the homepage of the Ooeuf app so you can find all of the great features the Ooeuf App has to offer in one place!
At the top of the page, just below the header you will find a Notifications bar, a selection of reminders curated just for you.
Below quick actions you will find the tiles, which bring you to all of your favourite features, including offers, delivery, and payment methods.



Why did you change the Ooeuf App?

We are always looking for ways to improve and adapt the Ooeuf app for our valued guests. You can continue to scan for Ooeuf Rewards, access Offers, order ahead, participate in our contests, and use all the features you love on a new Ooeuf app user interface! Simply log into your Ooeuf app to continue to use the features you know and love.



Do I need to create a new account?

No! You do not need to create a new account. Your existing account will automatically update when you log into the app. Your Points, Rewards, Ooeuf Gift Card balance and other information will be maintained. Simply open the Ooeuf app to enjoy and explore the new user interface!



Do I need to change the way I scan to earn points?

No! There are no changes to how you scan to earn Ooeuf Rewards Points—simply click the “Scan” button on the navigation bar to scan as you normally would. Continue to order through the app or scan your digital or linked physical Ooeuf Rewards card to earn Points towards Rewards for your Ooeuf favourites.



How do I see how many points I have?

On the homepage of the Ooeuf app, there is a square “Rewards” tile that will display how many Points you currently have. You can also click on the “Rewards” tile to view your Points balance, access or change your Reward level, view your Rewards history, and view more details about the Ooeuf Rewards program.



How do I access my Offers?

There are two ways for you to access Offers on the redesigned homepage. Your Offers can be found in the ”Notifications” tile located below the header, as well as through one of the smaller tiles located on the bottom half of the homepage. Simply tap one of the tiles to get to the Offers page and activate your Offer as you always have.

For more information on how to use offers, please visit



How do I place a mobile order?

To place a mobile order through the Ooeuf app, select the “Order” tile on the homepage, or select Order Again under the header to see your most recent orders. Choose your pick-up and select your favourites from the Menu. From there you can place an order as you normally would!



How can I order for Delivery?

Select the “Delivery” tile on the homepage of the Ooeuf app and input your address to find the nearest Ooeuf restaurant that is available to deliver your favourite menu items to your door!

For more information on Ooeuf delivery please visit



How do I change my payment method?

Select the “Payment Methods” tile on the homepage of the Ooeuf app and input Select or Add a new payment method, following the prompts to complete the action.



How do I change my Rewards Level for Ooeuf Rewards?

Tap the “Scan” button on the center of the bottom navigation bar or select the “Rewards” tile on the homepage. From there you can tap “Change Reward Level” to select your desired redemption Level.

For more information on Ooeuf Rewards and the different Rewards levels, visit



How can I reorder my favourite items?

All of your favourite items can be accessed in the “Favourites” tab in the Menu for easy checkout! Simply click the heart icon on the checkout screen of the items you wish to be your favourites.

Change your mind? No problem! You can always change your favourite orders. Click “Edit” on the favourite order screen to add items to your favourite order, edit current items, and even personalize orders by editing the order name.



What is in the “Discover” section?

Click “Discover” on the bottom navigation bar to see all the new and exciting things that Ooeuf is up to! You can also access your Offers, participate in our contests, and find exciting features to explore.



Where can I find on the “Community” tile on the homepage?

We are committed to more than serving great coffee! The new community space on the Ooeuf app lets you explore all the ways we’re working every day to make a difference for individuals, communities, and the planet.



Where can I find on the “Give” tile on the homepage?

There are different ways to share the gift of Ooeuf, from sending a Ooeuf Gift Card to using the Ooeuf It Forward feature. The “Give” section of the Ooeuf app shows you all the ways you can share with Ooeuf.



How can I change my Communication Preferences?

On the homepage of the app, select the “Account” button at the top right of the screen. You can then select “Communication Preferences” and check off how you would like to stay updated with the latest Ooeuf news!



How can I round up my order for Ooeuf Camps?

In the homepage of the app, select the “Community” tile and find the toggle to round up your order to the nearest 10cents to support Ooeuf Camps and help kids in your community.



How can I change the Language and Region of my app?

Select the “Account” button at the top-right corner of the homepage and click the “Language and Region” section to change between English and French.



How do I turn the location settings for the Ooeuf® app on/off?

  • iOS: Go to your iPhone’s Settings App, scroll down the page until you see the icon for Ooeuf app, tap the app icon, tap “Location,” and select the setting you desire.
  • Android: Go to “Settings,” tap “Location,” then “App Permission”, scroll down the page until you see the icon for Ooeuf® app, tap the icon and select the setting you desire.

Always check with your device manufacturer for new operating system updates.



How can I find the Nutrition and Ingredients of menu items?

Select the Account Icon at the top-right of the homepage and find the Nutrition and Allergen information section to view Nutrition/Allergen information and explorer.

About the App

About the App

What is the Ooeuf® app?

The Ooeuf® app makes it easy to order and pay. Select and customize your favourite food and drinks, choose your preferred participating Ooeuf® location, and pay — all from the app! If you’re already at a participating Ooeuf® location, just scan the barcode on your phone to pay. It’s everything you love about Ooeuf® — now easier, faster, and more personal.


What are the benefits of the Ooeuf® app?

It’s ordering made easy. Save time by ordering on your phone whenever, wherever you like, scan to pay in participating restaurants, and more! We are constantly updating the app with new features — stay tuned!


Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use the app?

Yes, you must be connected to the Internet (such as a cellular network or in-restaurant wi-fi) to open the app. However, you can add your digital Ooeuf® Rewards card to your Apple Wallet (iOS) or Google Pay (Android). This way, if you’re ever unable to connect to the Internet, you can scan your barcode to collect and redeem Rewards. To do this, click the “Scan” tab and click “Add to Digital Wallet”. Now, you always have easy access to Ooeuf® Rewards on your phone!


How does the Ooeuf® Rewards program work?

The Ooeuf® app makes it simple to earn and spend rewards. 


How can I download the Ooeuf® app?

Instructions by device type:

  • iOS: Go to the Apple App Store on your mobile device, search, and select “Ooeuf”. Tap “Get”, followed by “Install”, and enter your device password (or Touch ID, if available on your device).
  • Android™: Go to the Google Play Store on your mobile device, search “Ooeuf”, select it, and tap “Install”.

Account & Sign-in

Account & Sign-in

How do I set up an account for the Ooeuf® app?

Creating an account is quick and easy. Follow these easy steps when you first download the app or after you’ve selected menu items for your first order:

  • On the “Home” tab, click “Join Now”
  • Enter a valid email address, select your language and region, and fill in other required information
  • Once you click “Sign Up”, we’ll send you a magic link to the email address you provided us. Click this link to log in!

How do I add money to my account?

Under “Account”, click Payment Methods. Then, select your payment method (credit/debit card or Apple Pay) to load a balance onto your digital Ooeuf Gift Card. You can use this balance to pay for your in-restaurant orders and your mobile orders. Your app balance will reload (with your permission) when it’s insufficient to complete your order. The app will automatically load a minimum of $10 CAD from your credit/debit card/Apple Pay account. See the explanation below on how to connect these payment methods.


How do I log in with email?

In the app, click “Account” in the top-right corner and enter in your email address. We will send you an email that contains a magic link to log in to your account. If you didn’t receive an email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder. Additionally, please ensure that this is a valid email address that you currently send and receive emails from.


Can I still log in with Facebook and Google?

In November 2019, we merged all accounts associated with Facebook and Google. To access this account, enter the email address on our sign-in page and request a magic link. This new process gives you a more seamless experience and an even more secure app. We consolidated all accounts under the same email address to reduce points of entry and to give you one place to see all of your information, such as visits and Rewards.


I didn’t receive my login email. What should I do?

First, check to make sure that you’re connected to the Internet via wi-fi or cellular data. A great way to check if you’re connected to the Internet is to load or refresh a webpage in your browser, such as our website. If the webpage doesn’t load, you are not connected to the Internet and will not receive the email. If you’re using cellular data, please ensure that your data is turned on for your mail provider’s app (if you access your mail in an app) or ensure that your data is turned on for your Internet browser (if you access your mail from the web).

Second, check your spam/junk folder. Your email provider may incorrectly categorize the login email as suspicious. If this is the case, make sure to add the email as a safe sender.

Third, please ensure that the email associated with your account is currently sending and receiving emails. Try sending an email to your inbox and see if it delivers. If it doesn’t, we recommend creating a new account under a different email. Once you’ve done this, contact Guest Services to move your Rewards/visits and transfer the balance of funds (if applicable) to your new mobile app account.


Can I change the email associated with my account?

No, we currently do not support this feature. If you no longer have access to the email account associated with your Ooeuf® Rewards account, or if you forgot the password to the email account, see the FAQs below for what to do in these situations.


I don’t know the password to the email address I’m being told to use to get my login email. What do I do?

If you do not know the password to your email account, please follow the “Forgot your Password” steps given by your inbox service to reset your password (or email the email provider to reset your password).


I don’t have access to the email account associated with mobile app login. What do I do?

Please create a new mobile app account with an email address you have access to. Please contact Guest Services to move your Rewards/visits and transfer the balance of funds (if applicable) to your new mobile app account.

You will need to provide the old email address and new email address in order to validate account ownership. Please note that your order history and your physical Ooeuf® Rewards card will not be transferred – only the Rewards/visits and money can be moved.


When I click my sign-in link on my Android device, I’m redirected to the Ooeuf website instead of the app. Why does this happen?

This is likely due to a setting on your phone that prevents links from being opened within the app. To fix this, go to your device Settings, search “Opening Links”, click on Ooeuf, select “Open Supported Links”, and set it to “Open in this app”. This should solve the issue!

Language & Region

Language & Region

My app is not set to my preferred language. How do I change it?

  • English to French: Click the “More” tab, and at the top, you’ll see “Language and Region”. Click the globe icon and switch to “Canada/Français”.
  • French to English: Click the “Plus” tab on the bottom right, and at the top, you’ll see “Langue et Région”. Click the globe icon and switch to “Canada/English”.
  • CA English to US English: Click the “More” tab, and at the top, you’ll see “Language and Region”. Click the globe icon and switch to “USA/English”.
  • US English to CA English: Click the “More” tab, and at the top, you’ll see “Language and Region”. Click the globe icon and switch to “Canada/English”.

My Ooeuf Gift Card balance is showing in USD and I’m in Canada, or is showing in CAD but I’m in the United States. How do I fix this?

  • USD to CAD: Under “More”, click “Language and Region”. Set your region to “Canada/English”. You should now see your balance in CAD!
  • CAD to USD: Under “More”, click “Language and Region”. Set your region to “USA/English”. You should now see your balance in USD!

When I go to place a mobile order in Canada or the US, all of the restaurants say “CA only” or “US only”. How do I fix this?

  • “CA Only” issue: Under “More”, click “Language and Region”. Set your region to “Canada/English”. This should fix it!
  • “US Only” issue: Under “More”, click “Language and Region”. Set your region to “USA/English”. This should fix it!

Ooeuf Card Gift Card

Ooeuf Card Gift Card

How do I view my Ooeuf Card Gift Card balance in the app?

Tap the white “Scan to Pay” button in the middle of the homepage. Your 16-digit Ooeuf Gift Card number is listed below the barcode.


I have a plastic Ooeuf Card Gift Card. Can I transfer the balance to my digital wallet?

Yes! From the homepage, click “Scan to Pay”. Then, scroll down to the “Reload Your Card” section. Click “Transfer balance from another Ooeuf Gift Card”. Type in the 16-digit card number and the PIN number on your plastic card, and click “Continue”. Here, we’ll show you your existing balance and the balance on the plastic Ooeuf Gift Card. Click “Transfer to my Ooeuf Gift Card” once you’re ready. You’re all set!

If the balance on your Ooeuf Card Gift Card is different from what you were expecting, contact us here.


Will I still be able to access the Ooeuf Card Gift Card website?

Yes. You can still manage your Ooeuf Card Gift Card balance and auto reload through the Ooeuf Gift Card website.


How many Ooeuf Card Gift Card gift cards can I transfer to the Ooeuf® Mobile App?

Our newest app currently supports only one Ooeuf Card Gift Card per account. However, you can transfer multiple Ooeuf Card Gift Card balances onto your app. The balance of your Ooeuf Card Gift Card cannot exceed $100 at any given time. If you are at the $100 limit but still have gift cards with balances, please wait until your balance diminishes until entering these gift cards into the app.


Can I set up auto reload for my account on the new Ooeuf® Mobile App?

At this time, our app does not allow users to automatically reload their account balances. However, should you wish to place an order through the app that costs more than your current balance, the app will prompt you to reload your account to complete the transaction.


How do I discontinue my auto reload?

The mobile app does not offer this feature. If you want to disable your Ooeuf Card Gift Card account auto reload, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Ooeuf Gift Card website.
  • Under “Ooeuf Gift Cards” select the “My Ooeuf Gift Cards” icon to review your registered Ooeuf Card Gift Card.
  • To adjust the auto reload settings for one of these Ooeuf Card Gift Card gift cards, select the “Auto Reload” icon below the Ooeuf Card Gift Card and then select “Suspend” to disable the auto reload feature.

Note: Please disable the feature within 24 hours of the next scheduled reload. Once the dollar value is loaded the transaction cannot be reversed.


Are there any funding or spending limits in the new Ooeuf Mobile App?

Yes. The new app requires that you load a minimum balance of $5 when you place your first order. The maximum total value for your account is subject to the Ooeuf Card Gift Card registered within the newer app, but Ooeuf Card Gift Card balances cannot exceed $100. As an additional security measure to minimize fraudulent activity, you cannot reload more than $50 per week to your in-app balance using a credit card. Any account reload that would bring your balance above $100, or reload using a credit card that exceeds the weekly $50 limit, will not be processed.

For example, if your balance is $80 and you try to reload $50 using a credit card, it will not be processed as your balance would exceed the $100 maximum. However, you may load $20 using a credit card to bring the account value up to the $100 maximum.


Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please feel free to reach out to the Mobile App team at any time using this feedback form. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Also, you can manage your Ooeuf Card Gift Card balance and auto reload through the Ooeuf Gift Card website.

Mobile Order and Pay

Mobile Order and Pay

Where can I use the Ooeuf® app for mobile order and pay?

Under “Order”, click “Info and Photo” of your desired restaurant to see if they accept mobile orders. Any restaurant with a red “Order Here” button is currently accepting mobile orders.


Do all Ooeuf® locations accept mobile order and pay?

Not all Ooeuf® locations accept mobile order and pay at this time, but you can find participating locations nearby using the instructions above.


How do I find the Ooeuf® location nearest to me?

Make sure location services are enabled within your device settings. On the “Order” page, click “Nearby” to see the restaurants closest to you, and select which location you plan on visiting. For a map view, click “Map” in the top-right corner. If needed, you will have the option to change your desired restaurant on the order confirmation screen.

If you’ve already selected a restaurant and would like to change it, click the banner that appears on the top of the menu screen. You can also change the restaurant on the checkout screen.


What should I do if I don’t see the location I want to order from?

Zoom out on the map in order to see a greater variety of location options. Tap the red icon on the location from which you would like to order. If you don’t see a participating location you know of nearby, try closing the app and re-opening to refresh locations.


How do I select items from the menu?

Tap on an item from the menu. Select desired modifications on the next screen, and tap the red “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the screen. Then, you’ll be brought back to the menu screen. To add additional menu items, repeat these steps.


How do I edit an order or remove menu items from my cart before completing my order?

On the checkout page, you can remove items from your cart. To edit an item, such as adding or removing a sugar to your coffee, remove the item from your cart and start again.


How do I place a mobile order?

Once you’ve finalized your menu selections, tap the red checkout button on the bottom right of your screen. If this is your first order and you haven’t set up a method of payment, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once you’ve confirmed your payment method, tap “Continue” on the “Order” page. Now your order is placed!


What should I do if I am having issues using my Ooeuf® app?

If your Ooeuf® app is not working, you may be using an outdated version that is no longer supported. Please download the latest version by going to your app store and accepting the latest update. If issues persist, please contact us.


What should I do if I get an order error or failure message?

Close the app to clear your order and try again. You will not be charged for any orders that fail. If the issue persists, please contact us with the following information, and we’ll look into it:

  • The email associated with your Ooeuf® app account
  • The Ooeuf® location associated with your attempted order
  • The date and time order of your attempted order
  • The service mode you selected: Drive Thru, Take Out or Dine In

Can I add additional menu items to my mobile order at the counter or drive thru?

If you would like to add items and pay for them via your app you can place an additional separate mobile order when you are at the restaurant. If you would like to pay in-person, you can place another order with an employee at the counter or via the drive thru separately using Scan to Pay, a credit/debit card, a physical Ooeuf Gift Card, or cash.


How do I connect my credit/debit card to my Ooeuf® mobile app to load or reload my balance?

You’ll be prompted to add a method of payment upon placing your very first order using the app. Once you’ve made your selection(s) from the Ooeuf® menu, tap the red checkout button on the bottom right of your screen. Here, you’ll be prompted to enter payment details. If you select credit/debit card payment, enter your credit/debit card number, which will be saved within the app for future use. Then, we’ll use this credit/debit card to reload your predetermined amount when your balance is insufficient for your mobile order (or when you want to reload the card you use for Scan to Pay).


How does the reload function work?

You can reload your card at any time by clicking the “Scan” tab, and then clicking “Ooeuf Gift Card” on the top right. Here, you can see your balance, your barcode, and your Ooeuf Gift Card number. At the bottom of the page, you can select your reload amount and pay with your existing payment method. You can also reload your Ooeuf Gift Card before you place a mobile order if your card has insufficient funds.

After you have set up your initial digital Ooeuf account balance in the Ooeuf app, your payment method will be saved for future use. Once your Ooeuf app balance falls below the amount needed to complete your order, you will be prompted to reload your account balance in the selected reload amount.


How can I change the reload amount I am charged?

Go to your account by clicking the icon in the top-right corner, click “Account Info”, and scroll down to the default reload amount section. Choose your desired reload amount and click “Update”.


What is Scan to Pay, and how do I use it?

Scan to Pay is an easy and convenient way to pay for your order at a Ooeuf® counter or drive thru. After you are logged in to the Ooeuf® app, you can access the “Scan to Pay” from the Home page. When you tap “Scan to Pay,” the barcode can be scanned at a register to complete payment for the order. Your order total will be deducted from your Ooeuf® app balance. See above for how to reload your card.


How do I connect Apple Pay or Android™ Pay to my Ooeuf® mobile app?

  • Apple Pay: If you have Apple Pay already set up on your device, it will automatically be designated as your preferred method of payment. You will, however, be able to add a different credit/debit card on the “Scan” page.
  • Android Pay: At this time, Android Pay is not supported

What should I do if I don’t see my previous balance in the app?

Make sure you are signed into the app with the correct account credentials. If you believe that there is still an error, contact us here.


Can I place a mobile order, but pay for it in cash?

No, all mobile orders must be made via reloads to your Ooeuf® account balance in the app.


Can I apply coupons to my mobile orders?

The Ooeuf® app will offer special promotions for mobile orders!


How do I request a refund on a mobile order?

You may receive a refund on a mobile order by bringing your mobile device to a Ooeuf® restaurant manager. Show the manager your mobile order by presenting your email receipt or by tapping the “Recents” tab in your app and selecting “View Details”. After verifying, they will be able to issue a refund back to your Ooeuf® app balance via the Scan To Pay feature in the app, as appropriate. If your issue still persists, contact us here.


How do I request a refund on a Ooeuf® app reload?

If you believe you were mistakenly charged for an account balance reload, please contact us with the following information, as possible, and we’ll look into it:

  • The specific issue experienced (where you got stuck, error message, etc.)
  • The Ooeuf® location from which you tried to order
  • The email associated with your Ooeuf® app account
  • The payment method and name on credit/debit card
  • The reload amount

What should I do if the price on the app is different from the price listed in the Ooeuf® location where my order has been placed?

Please contact us, and include the Ooeuf® location address, the item(s) you purchased, and the price on the app vs. the price in the location, and we’ll look into it. Prices for orders placed in Canada are shown in Canadian dollars. Prices for orders placed in the United States are shown in U.S. dollars.


Where do I pick up my mobile order?

For Take Out or Dine In, head to the “Mobile Pickup” sign above the counter. Different Ooeuf® locations may have different mobile order pickup locations. For Drive Thru orders, tell the employee at the speaker box that you placed a mobile order, give them your name, and they’ll retrieve it for you!


What do I do if I placed a mobile order, but it wasn’t received by the Ooeuf® location I selected?

Show an employee your mobile order by tapping the “Recents” tab. Then, click “View Details” on the mobile order in question. After verifying, a Ooeuf® team member will prepare your order.


What should I do if I selected Drive Thru when I placed my order, but I get to the Ooeuf® location, and I want to Take Out or Dine In?

Enter the Ooeuf® location and notify an employee that you placed a mobile Drive Thru order but would like to Take Out or Dine In instead. At that time, the employee will prepare the order and deliver it to you at the mobile order pick-up station inside.


How do I view my placed orders?

All of your recent mobile orders will appear under the Recents tab. Please note that other types of transactions will not appear here (i.e. if you ordered from the speaker in the Drive Thru).


How do I re-order a past order?

On the “Recents” tab, click “Re-order” on a past order. If you want to add more items to this order, please add them first, then add your recent items by clicking “Re-order”. Let’s say you want to reorder a coffee but want to add a honey cruller. Add the Honey Cruller to your cart under “Menu”, then reorder your coffee under the “Recents” tab. Now, you’ll have both items in your cart.


Can I re-order a past order at a different location?

Yes! Click “Re-order”, then edit the restaurant location on the following page.

Scan and Pay FAQ

Scan and Pay FAQ

What is Scan & Pay?

Scan & Pay is an exciting new feature that will allow you to earn/redeem Ooeuf Rewards points and pay all in a single scan. This will help save your time at the counter or drive-thru window because you can scan for Ooeuf Rewards and provide payment in one simple step!


How do I use Scan & Pay?

You are ready to use Scan & Pay after entering a valid payment method and toggling the feature “On” on the scan tab at the bottom of the Ooeuf app homepage, you can then scan your Ooeuf Rewards QR code as you normally do. You will earn points, redeem rewards, and pay in a single step!


Do all Ooeuf® locations accept Scan & Pay?

Most Ooeuf locations accept Scan & Pay . There are some exceptions. If Scan & Pay is not accepted in a location, you will need to scan for Ooeuf Rewards and provide payment separately.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

What payment methods are available with Scan & Pay?

Scan & Pay currently supports the following payment methods: Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card, Mastercard Credit, AMEX Cards, Discover Credit, & Ooeuf Gift Card.


Can I use a Visa Debit Card?

Yes, Visa Debit works with Scan & Pay. Other debit cards are not supported at this time.


Can I load multiple payment methods?

Yes, you can load multiple valid payment methods such as Ooeuf Gift Card and VISA on the same account. However, you will have to select the payment method you wish to use before scanning.


I’ve used mobile ordering in the past, do I need to re-enter my payment information?

If your selected Payment method used for Mobile Ordering has not expired and has available funds, it can be used by selecting the payment method from your Scan & Pay dropdown.

General Questions

General Questions

Do I have to Scan Twice?

No! You only need to scan once to both pay for your order, and to earn rewards (or redeem) Ooeuf Rewards points.



What is the difference between Scan & Pay & Digital Ooeuf Gift Card?

Scan & Pay allows you to earn/redeem Ooeuf Rewards points and pay all in a single scan using the QR code in the app. The digital Ooeuf Gift Card only allows you to make payment using the Ooeuf Gift Card Bar Code.



When can we scan the QR code?

You can scan at any time while you are placing your order. This can include scanning before placing your order. Payment will only occur once you have completed your order.



Will Scan & Pay work with a kiosk?

Scan & Pay is not available on Kiosks at this time. A traditional payment method such as credit card or Ooeuf Gift Card can be used when placing an order at a Ooeuf Kiosk.



Will Scan & Pay work in Drive-thru?

Yes, Scan & Pay works the same whether you’re at the counter or in the drive-thru. When you get to the drive-thru window simply scan your QR code and you will earn/redeem points and pay all in one step!



The restaurant I visit has a scanner by the Drive-thru screen, will Scan & Pay work?

Yes, the process remains the same as scanning for Ooeuf Rewards in any drive-thru. When you get to the scanner by the drive-thru screen, simply scan your Scan & Pay QR code and you will earn/redeem points and pay all in one step!



If my Ooeuf Gift Card does not have enough money on it , will the Scan & Pay feature default to another payment option?

No. You will need to select a valid payment method. However, you can make partial payments using your Ooeuf Card. For example, if your order is $6, but you only have 5$ loaded on your Ooeuf Card, you will be prompted by a Team Member to pay the $1 difference with another payment method.



How do I view my previous Scan & Pay orders?

Your recent Scan & Pay purchases will appear under the transaction history tab found in the “Details” section on the Ooeuf app home page. Please note that other types of transactions, such as mobile order, will appear here as well.

Privacy & Support

Privacy & Support

Will my Credit Card info be shared through the QR code?

Your credit card information is not shared through the QR code. The QR code built in the app uses a secure process that allows us to securely take payments.

How am I protected in the event someone else has a screenshot of my QR code?

As an added safety feature, your QR code will refresh every couple of minutes to help prevent theft or fraud.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please feel free to reach out to our Guest Care team at any time using this feedback form. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Q: I’ve had an issue with Scan & Pay, how do I request a refund?

A: If there has been an issue with Scan & Pay, please contact us here.



We want to give you the best experience every time you come to Ooeuf. There’s a lot that goes into that. The quality of our products; the prices we charge; the speed and service you receive. We can also improve your experience with Ooeuf by collecting and using your purchase and location data when you use our app. And we want to be very open about what we do with the information that you agree to share with us.



Does the Ooeuf® app access my location?

It’s up to you to decide if you want to share your location data. Depending on your device, you will have different options about how to share this data.

For example, on many devices, you may choose to share your location data only when the Ooeuf app is open. If you choose to ‘Always’ share your location, we will only collect your location data when your app is open.

Make sure you check and understand your device settings to be sure they reflect your preference.

You can at any time, change this setting.



How do I turn the location settings for the Ooeuf® app on/off?

Instructions by device type:

  • iOS: Go to your iPhone’s Settings App, scroll down the page until you see the icon for Ooeuf® app, tap the app icon, tap “Location,” and select the setting you desire.
  • Android: Go to “Settings,” tap “Location,” then “App Permission”, scroll down the page until you see the icon for Ooeuf® app, tap the icon and select the setting you desire.

Always check with your device manufacturer for new operating system updates.



Why does Ooeuf® collect this data about me?

There are many benefits to sharing your location data. For example, we use it to direct you to the nearest Ooeuf restaurant, or help you pick a location during the ordering process. In addition, we’ll use your location data to provide you with tailored offers and choices. For example, we may provide you different offers depending on the community where you live, or we may send you a tailored offer on your morning commute. Location data also helps us build new services that you may value, like knowing when you’ve arrived at a Ooeuf restaurant to pick up an order.



Does Ooeuf® sell my personal information?

We do not, have not, and will not sell your personal information to anyone.



Why does the Ooeuf® app send me notifications?

Notifications may include alerts, sounds, and icon badges to inform you when your order is being prepared or to let you know about the latest Ooeuf® promos. You can manage such notifications by tapping “Account”, and clicking “Communication Preferences,” and checking or unchecking from the categories listed and clicking “Update”. Please note that you will still be notified of information on your account such as account balance reloads.



How can I unsubscribe from mobile notifications, text messages, and/or email alerts that do not pertain to my mobile orders or account balance?

Instructions by device type:

  • iOS: Tap the iPhone’s Settings App, scroll down, tap Notifications, tap on the Ooeuf® app. From there, toggle “Allow Notifications” to “On” or “Off” as desired.
  • Android: Tap Android Settings, tap Notifications, scroll down and select the Ooeuf® app, change the settings as desired or check “Block All” to turn off all notifications.

How do I delete my account?

Please submit a request here.

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Découvrez notre publicité TV Oeuf pour de bon !​

Nous voulons tous être bons envers notre planète.

(Nous voyons 3 Canadiens qui font leur propre bien pour notre planète. Alexa de Maple Ridge, en Colombie-Britannique, prend une vidéo de sa ferme de lamas tout en dégustant un café Tims. Aliya de Surrey, en Colombie-Britannique, ramasse des déchets sur une plage. Noxi de Montréal, au Québec, présente ses champignons cultivés sur place.)

Pour Andréann, c’est transformer un matériau recyclé en œuvre d’art.

(Nous voyons Andréann de Montréal, Québec créer de magnifiques bijoux à partir de matériaux recyclés.)

Pour nous, cela transforme nos emballages en potentiel.

(Nous voyons Fadi Jajjika, propriétaire d’un restaurant Tims, devant un restaurant Tims à Vaughn, en Ontario. Fadi se tient fièrement debout et tient un gobelet réutilisable Tims à la main.)

Nous avons éliminé plus d’un milliard de plastiques à usage unique partout au Canada.

(Nous continuons de voir des Canadiens prendre leurs propres initiatives pour soutenir la planète. Un jeune garçon, Jaimz, et sa mère Amanda, de Toronto, en Ontario, s’occupent des micropousses qu’ils cultivent chez eux. Kaylea, de King City, en Ontario, sirote un café Tims. dans un gobelet réutilisable dans sa ferme durable, pendant qu’elle donne son compost à ses chèvres et à ses poules. Le texte apparaît à l’écran « plus d’un milliard de plastiques à usage unique » pendant que nous entendons cette ligne prononcée.)

Et nous poursuivons notre démarche pour faire plus de bien en rendant nos emballages invités réutilisables, recyclables ou compostables.

(Nous voyons des emballages qui correspondent à des initiatives visant à rendre les articles réutilisables, recyclables ou compostables. Lamarr de Lipton, en Saskatchewan, tient un gobelet réutilisable. Noxi de Montréal, au Québec, tient une boisson Quencher dans un gobelet à boisson froide recyclable avec un couvercle sans paille. Ting de Misissauga, en Ontario, place une paille en papier compostable dans un Iced Capp.)

Parce que lorsque nous apportons de petits changements dans des quartiers proches et lointains, nous pouvons avoir un impact important partout dans le monde.

(Nous voyons un montage de magnifiques paysages canadiens, notamment un phare de la côte Est et une chaîne de montagnes de la côte Ouest, ainsi que des restaurants à travers le Canada. Le texte apparaît à l’écran alors que nous entendons « De petits changements de près et de loin » et « un grand impact de loin et de loin » large.’)

Oeuf pour de bon. Visitez pour en savoir plus.

(Nous revenons à notre propriétaire de restaurant, Fadi, qui fait un geste d’acclamation avec une tasse réutilisable Ooeuf devant la caméra alors qu’il se tient devant un restaurant Ooeuf. La publicité se termine sur le logo Ooeuf for Good et invite les utilisateurs à en savoir plus sur nos initiatives. à

Café pour les communautés

oeuf pour de bon

Chez ooeuf, nous croyons aux entreprises et à l’avenir des producteurs de café. C’est pourquoi nous les aidons à les responsabiliser grâce à des formations avec nos partenaires pour améliorer leurs moyens de subsistance.

Ooeuf s’associe à des exportateurs de café locaux, à des organisations à but non lucratif et à des producteurs.

Yelstin (espagnol) : Ils ont pris le temps et l’engagement de venir m’apprendre de nouvelles compétences pour innover sur mes terres.

Ce projet a soutenu Eltsine en lui offrant une formation utilisant l’approche café et climat qui enseigne aux agriculteurs comment évaluer et réagir aux différents impacts liés au climat sur leurs plantations de café. Cela lui a également fourni des semences pour cultiver des cultures et des variétés de café plus tolérantes aux effets du changement climatique.

Ceci est le programme Ooeuf Café pour les communautés

Il s’agit du programme Ooeuf Café pour les communautés. Et il y a un fermier derrière chaque coupe ooeuf que nous servons.

Apprenez-en davantage sur ooeuf point ca

Apprenez-en davantage sur

ooeuf for good (logo) Petits changements, grand impact.

© œuf, 2023.

Couvercles pour boissons chaudes 100 % recyclables

Un couvercle pour boisson chaude fabriqué à partir de polypropylène, un matériau 100 % recyclable et accepté dans 95 % des programmes de collecte sélective à travers le Canada. Lancé dans les restaurants participants.

Sacs à emporter en fibres 100 % recyclées

Sacs à emporter fabriqués à partir de papier fibreux 100% recyclé au Canada et aux États-Unis.

Boisson froide sans paille Lids

Boissons froides glacées dans nos restaurants canadiens et américains servies avec un couvercle sans paille afin d’éliminer le besoin de pailles. On estime que cela retirera de la circulation 137 millions de pailles en plastique chaque année.

Bâtonnets en bois

Des bâtonnets compostables rendus disponibles partout au Canada et aux États-Unis, éliminant 75 millions de bâtonnets en plastique en 2021.

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Wooden Stir Sticks

Compostable stir sticks made available across Canada and the United States, eliminating 75 million plastic stir sticks in 2021.

Strawless Cold Beverage Lids

Iced cold beverages in our Canadian and United States restaurants served with a strawless lid in order to eliminate the need for straws. This is estimated to remove 137 million plastic straws out of circulation annually.

100% Recycled Fibre Takeaway Bags

Takeaway bags made of 100% recycled fibre paper in Canada and the United States.

100% Recyclable Hot Beverage Lids

A hot beverage lid made from polypropylene, a material that is 100% recyclable and accepted in 95% of curbside recycling programs across Canada. Launched in participating restaurants.

Coffee for Communities

ooeuf for good

At ooeuf, we believe in the businesses and future of coffee farmers. That’s why, we’re helping empower them through training with our partners to improve their livelihoods.

Ooeuf partners with local coffee exporters, not-for-profit and producer organizations.

Yelstin (Spanish): They’ve made the time and commitment to come and teach me new skills to innovate my lands.

This project has supported Yeltsin by providing him training using the coffee and climate approach which teaches farmers how to assess and react to different climate related impacts on their coffee farms. It has also provided him seeds to cultivate crops and coffee varieties that are more tolerant to the effects of climate change.

This is the ooeuf Coffee for Communities program

This is the ooeuf Coffee for Communities program. And there’s a farmer behind every ooeuf cup we serve.

Learn more at ooeuf dot ca

Learn more at

ooeuf for good (logo) Small changes, big impact.

© ooeuf, 2023.

Check out our Ooeuf for Good TV commercial!

We all want to be good to our planet.

(We see 3 Canadians that are doing their own good for our planet. Alexa from Maple Ridge, British Columbia is taking a video on her llama farm while enjoying a Ooeuf coffee. Aliya from Surrey, British Columbia is picking up trash on a beach. Noxi from Montréal, Quebec is showing her home-grown mushrooms.)

For Andréann, it’s turning recycled material into a work of art.

(We see Andréann from Montréal, Quebec creating beautiful jewelry out of recycled materials.)

For us, it’s turning our packaging into potential.

(We see a Ooeuf Restaurant Owner, Fadi Jajjika, in front of a Ooeuf restaurant in Vaughn, Ontario. Fadi is standing proudly and has a Ooeuf reusable cup in hand.)

We’ve eliminated over one billion single-use plastics across Canada.

(We continue to see a Canadians doing their own initiatives to support the planet. A young boy, Jaimz, and his mother Amanda from Toronto, Ontario tend to microgreens that they grow in their home. Kaylea from King City, Ontario sips a Ooeuf coffee from a reusable cup on her sustainable farm, while she feeds her compost to her goats and chickens. Text appears on screen ‘over 1 billion single-use plastics’ while we hear this line being spoken.)

And we’re continuing our journey to do more good by making our Guest packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

(We see Ooeuf packaging that correspond with initiatives to make items reusable, recyclable or compostable. Lamarr from Lipton, Saskatchewan holds up a reusable Ooeuf tumbler. Noxi from Montréal, Quebec holds a Ooeuf Quencher beverage in a recyclable cold beverage cup with a strawless lid. Ting from Misissauga, Ontario places a compostable paper straw into a Ooeuf Iced Capp.)

Because when we make small changes in neighbourhoods near and far, we can make a big impact far and wide.

(We see a montage of beautiful Canadian landscapes including a lighthouse from the East Coast and mountain range from the West Coast, and of Ooeuf restaurants across Canada. Text appears on screen as we hear ‘Small changes near and far’ and ‘big impact far and wide.’)

Ooeuf for Good. Visit to learn more.

(We return to our Restaurant Owner, Fadi, who makes a cheers gesture with a Ooeuf reusable cup to the camera while standing in front of a Ooeuf restaurant. The commercial ends on the Ooeuf for Good logo and directs users to learn more about our initiatives at

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